Organise your coffee table with OTIUM LIVING elements

Coffee table has prominent place and function in a living room. Since our eyes will be on it, Keep it looking neat and organised! You might even want your coffee table to style it like a piece of art in your living room! I would suggest you to use few artistic techniques and our otium living elements to bring out the striking balance with symmetry and composing a color story or style of your own kind!


1.Create story with elements

  • Firstly, Decide what things are needed to be displayed on your coffee table, be clear that it serves its purpose!
  • This picture is an example of a simple display !which is attractive without disrupting the eye.
  • This display looks clear and tidy with the elements neatly arranged in a tray!!
  • so sort your elements and decide what you want to display!!!!!
  • If you want to create a cozy place ,place candles and comfort providing stuffs. If you want to create a traditional look, place small traditional elements.

2. Proportionalize the elements

  • Balance is an important component of any coffee table display
  • Keeping elements balanced is the fool proof way to acheive visual harmony .so it is very essential to work on symmetry
  • The number 3 is the magic number! The middle object grounds the display. The piles of books are similar in size to balance the entire dispaly.
  • so everything cluttered in 3 section on display makes the coffee table , and the whole room appear united and has a beautiful order!!

3.Composing a vignette

  • By composing a coffee a coffee table display, you are creating a vignette or trying to leave an long lasting impression.
  • The key to a perfect vignette is working with items which that belongs to eachother .
  • Items can connect eachother through colours, size, style, shape or a theme.
  • There should be some commonality between the objects which creates a subtle flow to the eye. Like, three objects are rounded and other are rectangular.


  • candles are both pretty and practical
  • Choose few candle or candle stand whose colour and style matches the rest of the room
  • when the candles are lit , the eye is drawn to the beautifully arranged coffee table.
  • If you want a unique alternative to a coffee table then use a lantern.

5.Put a vase of flowers or greens

  • This is an amazing way to add some beauty and fragrance to the room.
  • Luckily, we find flowers in all colours !
  • But make sure that the vase is not too tall than your lounge seating arrangements, As you want to see the other side and have conversation to your guest while sitting down.
  • Always incorporate natural element ,be it a plant in a decorative otium planter or a bunch of fresh flowers!!!Add a zen effect with few natural elements!!

6.Add coasters

  • wooden coasters are very pretty.
  • you don”t want coffee ring marks on your table!
  • So keep them handy on your coffee table and avoid ring marks on the top.
  • Or you can add a coffee table mat or a coffee table runner to avoid spills !

while a combination of flowers, books, trays, is a timeless way of arranging coffee table, there is no reason not to experiment with more creative ideas. If any idea sparks in your head which can add some extra spice to the coffee table ,comment down below!!!

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