” WORKING FROM HOME” The future of work..


The spread of the pandemic virus begin all of a sudden and it din’t end. The question we everyone have in our mind is that the future will not be anything like the past. Our economy, our priorities , our perception will not be the same what they were at the outset of this year. Things which were supposed to be unstoppable STOPPED.!

The foremost lesson this pandemic taught us is that everything is connected. At moment of immense change we see things with new clarity. we try to understand how things work in the most crucial times.


The virus pandemic has sent a panic waves around sphere. Every country is coming up with their initiation and one of them is definitely  social distancing. while your office has advised you to work from home. For some working from home is a new experience that will require some sort of lifestyle adjustment because TRUST US – YOU DONT WANT TO WORK FROM BED. Creating a home office or a work space is the best way to develop some healthy work from home habits. Making a sudden shift to a home office after years of working in a corporate environment can feel disorderliness. but as we said that the future will not be anything like the past . That is why Otium living wants to make sure you carve out space in your home.

In pre-corona times, working from home concept transferred us to twilight zone – that holded untold joys of a perfect work-life balance. In your mind atleast . But a few weeks into lockdown ,with full access to your bed and sofa you must be missing your desk and chair combo more. When you work from home , You need a very dedicated home office for many reasons. You need all your work done during the day and you need a place that is going to make your work happen as soon as it is possible . If your home is slightly on the small side, having an arch which is totally dedicated to working from home , may seem a like an impossible dream. but just because you don’t have an spare room to turn it up into a home office, that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in a small portable desk , nesting tables and some essential home office storage in your bedroom or living room. Homes, apartment , studio apartments are constructed, planned and organised in such a way as to allow you to live a NORMAL LIFE, WHICH IS NOT TO BE IN IT FOR 24/7. SO WE HAVE TO TAKE CERTAIN STEPS TO ADJUST TO THE NEW REALITY AND THAT IS THE FUTURE OF WORK.

OTIUM LIVING  will help you create a space you ‘ll love to work in. In the upcoming blogs i shall help you transform your work in home space because Otium living have got GORGEOUS furniture and dope ideas to include in your home office setup . Before we move on setting up your space you have to answer few questions …..!

  1. What type of furniture you need?  ( furniture personality )https://otiumliving.in/the-furniture-that-defines-you/
  2. What type of space or nook is available at your home?
  3. What type of work you will be doing in the space?
  4. What type of equipments will be required?
  5. What style will work for you (according to the profession)?
  6. Will I be making video calls and conferencing calls?
  7. When will I be doing the bulk of my work?
  8. Will colleagues visit for collabrating work?
  9. Do you need flexibility or stability?
  10. Budget ?

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