The 10 essential furniture guide for your new home!!

Moving to your new home is an exciting moment for anyone!After completing the structural and interior work of the house, you finally start changing your  new house to your very own new home by adding furniture elements !!you might get confused at some point of time and end up buying more than required or sometimes just not enough.!!so prioritizing essential furniture will keep you going !That is the reason I would advice you buy basic furniture that is required for day to day living and then adding other furniture elements to your home with time.

Here is a handy list of basic furniture to consider for your new home.

1.A good bed

You spend third of your life asleep,so it is really very important to choose a right bed. A better night sleep in a good bed can all add upto a better you .A bed is a must. The rest of the décor will come with time as you figure out how the space works best for you.


2.Dining table set

The dining table is the second most essential furniture of the home. Dining table sets are highly practical and convenient to use .Hence, it is a multi-functional furniture piece of your house!!! This  furniture brings the concept of LA FAMILIA .  we nourish our family, we come together, celebrate important milestones , share experiences and create new understanding.

3. A quality sofa

A sofa is essential, worth waiting for if you don’t have one yet. A quality sofa is an investment in any homes. Today it is a common luxury that indicates human’s progression away from the nomadic “pack and evacuate” lifestyle of our recent past. A quality sofa is worth waiting the six to eighth weeks for it to be made. Using upholstery you have picked specifically for your lifestyle needs,with the dimensions your space requires. hence, A sofa is essential furniture!

4.Coffee table

You need a place to put your cappuccino, dont you? need somewhere to rest your feet during a netflix binge-watching session!If to think about myriad of uses of your coffee table ,its the important furniture essential. It can showcase you book and decor .Its where you can get your last minute work done!so with growing awareness of a good lifestyle ,even the simplest piece as a coffe table is choosen with care.

5. Dresser

A bedroom is incomplete without a dressing table. A dresser unit is not only useful for its mirror but also used for organizing the cosmetics and the dresser is an important piece of furniture to go clutter free , organize your personal effects,store make up and be glam!!!

6.Crockery unit

A crockery unit is quite a blessing.For starters ,it provides easy access to special crockery that you might use when you are entertaining guests.when not in use the unit still keeps the pieces on display,lending them an additional function.Using these pieces of furniture will help to keep your home clutter-free and beautifully organized.

7.TV console

As a focal point and gathering spot in your home, a flat TV begs for attention to be showcased. There are 5 main usages of a TV console

  • declutter’s the living room
  • to arrange the protruding wires
  • to uplift the living room decor
  • to improve the practicality of the room
  • multipurpose usage like storing and display of decor and books

8.Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets can be used for storing documents, files, clothes, toys, tools and so on…storage cabinets can provide about twice the storage capacity compared to  common shelving.You can also store dangerous sharps objects in a cabinet instead of storing it on an open shelves.


It is a standing unit used to store clothes and accessories. Storage can be one of the most crucial elements to a happy ,heathy and a organised space. It conceals the piles of clutter that don’t have a designated place.


10.Foldable/stackable  furniture

This kind of furniture is stackable / foldable and light in weight. There may be times when such furniture’s may resolve our purpose and when not in use you can stack them up so they don’t consume much space.


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