Ever since sapiens stopped dwelling in caves and started to upgrade living in tree branches, wood has been a absolutely necessary structural and decorative residential material. Sapiens building relationship with wood  has historically ,culturally and experimentally  is deep ,long and universal. wood creates sensuality no matter what kind of home you prefer -traditional to modern, wood in all its diversity will allow you to realise that vision perfectly. In the onset of 21 st century ,mother earth is changing drastically when it comes to environment. That’s the only reason we are excited about wooden furniture. WOOD IS GOOD!!!!!!its an incredible green solution.There are lots of reason to get excited about wood, so lets break it down and examine why wood is an incredible sustainable material. and why you should choose solid wood furniture for your furniture needs.


You ‘ll never find two identical trees in a forest, their rings grows at different rhythms and their colours have indefinite numbers of subtle differences.It takes over 60 years for a tree to mature ,over time it develops a one of a kind beautiful grains .Thus,trees are the essence of our products, making each one unique.


Wood is safer. wood has natural antimicrobial properties which eliminates about 99 percent of all potential contaminants.Wood has {VOC-VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS} VOC’S which has antibacterial effect. The scent from woods are harmful to microbes but not to human.The surface of a wood will actually stop dangerous bacteria from multiplying and the germs simply die out after a period of about three minutes.  It is proved that 99.9% of the bacteria placed on the wooden surface  dies out completely within minutes


Wood is the most environmentally friendly material. It’s renewable. Wood is the only material made from sun,  rain, and the carbon from the air.wood is the raw material which grows and replenishes itself every year.Cutting down trees is very good for forest health, lot of us don’t know about this.when selected trees are harvested, new trees are planted in their place,Thus the size of the forest get increased and can prevent deforestation by minimising competition among the trees and allows more ground area to flourish.


We get bi-product at every stage of the production process which can be reused and repurposed.We Use bark for landscaping material. Saw dust is used as fuel and compost in farms .Round wood cut is used to make pallets of other building materials.Finally, we use the leftover hardwood for making our furniture.


LCA studies continuously show that wood outperforms other material in terms of embodied energy, air and water pollution, and carbon footprint. In our units we offset this energy consumption by using wood biproducts from our milling process as fuel to power our kilns. In doing so, we minimise both our carbon and energy footprint while eliminating waste.

whose game is it anyway!!? Otium living insists to take a moment to reflect on this and build a positive attitude towards wood and mother earth!!!

Today’s timber products combine the qualities of a natural resource with the high performance furniture. Wood delivers on innovative design, speed and resource efficiency, health & well-being, and offers a path to a low carbon economy.Every time a tree is harvested, up to ten trees are re-established in its place; the renewable cycle begins again. Being a natural resource, wood is not toxic, and is safe to handle and touch; it also ages naturally and does not break down into environmentally damaging material. 

OTIUM LIVING is all organic by keeping their timber environment friendly .Our raw material is FSC certified.we ensure on ISO 14001 (EHS) while processing to keep up with our environmental commitments. Truly indeed wood brings wonder to lives of people.All the benefits are just there,and what we should do is to optimise its use to the fullest without abusing such.The earth is what we all have in common,so lets keep the environmental woes in our mind because if we dont work on it, that day isn’t far that we would repent and there will be no meaning of human existence . Turn your self love to nature love and Choose wood as a lifestyle material to flaten the curve of environmental issues.


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