Otium Sawdust


* Mulching with Wood Dust breaks the impact of falling raindrops, reduces soil erosion and crusting, lowers the summer soil temperature, increases penetration of water into the soil, conserves soil moisture and prevents weed growth.
* Maintains soil moisture percentage in mulched plots twice as high, summer soil temperature reduction by 8-13oC, and time required for weeding reduced by two-thirds.
* Incorporation of Wood Dust into soil improves soil structure and tilth by adding organic matter and forming humus, increases nutrient and water holding capacity of soil and improves water drainage, especially in heavy soils like clay.
* Acts as a storage media for root crops such as carrot, radish, beet, turnip, ginger, turmeric, colocassia, etc. for increasing their shelf life.
* It is ideal for mushroom growing as well as for composting.

Made in India.

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 Design PLOSTO27
Quantity 1Kg
Container Type Bag
Used for Acts as an Insulator.
Absorb Oil and Paint Spillage.
It’s a supplement/ composite for plants.
Fills any type of gap if mixed with adhesive.
Pet in house elimination.
Wax fir lighters.
Wax Cleaner
For Briquette/ Mosquito coil/ Agarbatti Manufacturing.