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Design  OTMDIN46
Polish PU
Finish MATT
Polish Stain Color Customer Choice
Fabric Type Not Applicable
Fabric Design Not Applicable
Foam Density Not Applicable
Warranty 5 Years
Assembly 2 People
Dimension Length x Width x Height (mm)
Round Table (Teak wood) 900 x 900 x 750
Windsor Chairs (2 Nos)              (Teak Wood) 450 x 450 x 450 (SH) x 850 (TH)
L – Shape Bench with Seat            (Two Parts Wing 1 and Wing 2) Modern Wood Wing 1- 1200 x 385 x 450 (SH)
Wing 2 – 815 x 385 x 450 (SH)
Bench Seat 40 Density Foam with customer choice fabric.
CARE INSTRUCTION  Use a dampened, soft, non-abrasive, lint-free colourless cloth to wipe the entire surface of your wood, moving in the direction of the grain.
Dry the wood using a second non-abrasive cloth. Remember to wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
You do not need to polish the wood as part of your regular maintenance, as we finish our products with a matte, non-yellowing clear polyurethane lacquer for its natural appearance and durability.

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Polish Finishes

Ebony, Transparent White, American Oak, Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Natural Teak, Natural Walnut, Rose wood